Disinfection UV-C

The effect of UV-C light

UV-C light is an effective and proven method of disinfection. UVC light makes it possible to neutralize most types of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses.

UV-C treatment is an effective disinfectant for the purification of air, liquids and surfaces. When UV-C rays hit the microorganisms and penetrate into the cell, they destroy the DNA in the cells and thus prevent the cell from reproducing. A cell that can not reproduce is a dead cell, because it is not replicated to an infection in a host.

This product is created in collaboration with various parties. The UV-C lamps we use are also used in laboratories and hospitals and are therefore a high quality product.

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Our Services

Animal Welfare

Pujol Torguet cares about animal welfare (beef, pork and poultry) and we make sure it is fulfilled in farms, in slaughterhouses and in the work areas of the shipping drivers.

Food Products

We offer all types of food products and additives for all kind of cattle, such as feed, proofreaders, prebiotic or products for mycotoxins.

Veterinary Advice

We give advice of feed formulation to farms and feed mills. We also advise on the handling of animals in both farms and transport.

Antibiotic Use Reduction

Training and sensibilization of the reduction of the use of antibiotics in animal feed, for livestock companies. Routes of work and solution to the production without antibiotics of continuous use.


Pujol Torguet S.L. was born in 1998 following a nervous and entrepreneur veterinarian wanting to engage in livestock production.

Since its beginning, the company philosophy is introducing either food products and feed and also food additives. All together with the veterinary advice service to some customers.

Nowadays, we also care for the animal welfare (pigs, calves, poultry, ...). Hence we train everyone involved and working in the livestock sector.

Training Courses

Pujol Torguet believes that animal welfare is an important part of the evolution for the animal.
This is why we do training courses to anyone involved in the world of livestock.

  • Animal welfare for beef farmers, pig and poultry
  • Animal welfare aimed to carriers
  • Slaughterhouses welfare
  • Handling the meat: Butchers course
  • Animal nutrition
  • Ruminant Nutrition: course for shepherds
These courses have been done in agricultural schools from Alfarrás, Tàrrega, Solsonés, Pallars and Vallfogona de Balaguer. Also in the Cooperative of Guissona (Guissona), in Plus supermarkets from Lleida, AESFORM in Almenar and to the staff from Joves Agricultors i Ramaders de Catalunya.
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